where i’m from

My friend Ra posted a poem yesterday,
and with it she posted its template.

Years removed from
having written much any poetry,
I decided to fill in
these blanks.

Ra, me, and my husband, last June & an eternity ago

— where i’m from —

I am from sticky notes;
from black licorice & bare feet.
I am from melancholy & hope.

I am from Oregon dirt; I eschewed schews.
I favored grit between my toes.

I am from solid people of strange faith,
potluck casserole & enchilada pie.
I am from always waiting for
the man who’d never
seldom show.

I’m from steadfast,
and staying (when it’s right)
even when it’s scary.

Even alone,
I am from connections so deep
I’m never alone;
from the Oregon dirt–
me, but more: us.