a skateboard into the past

Today I rode a skateboard,
while remembering another one
I once barely got to ride.

When I was in middle school, my mom knew I was fascinated with skateboards. Since she was forever stuck with junker cars that lasted only a couple of months before croaking, she wanted me to have wheels that would last. She scrimped and saved for months before that Christmas to buy me a kick-ass board.

I was so proud of that board, I almost immediately showed it off to a schoolmate whose mom stopped by our house.

The schoolmate was so impressed, he immediately told his friends.

Within a couple of days, one of those friends broke into my home and stole the board.

I was crushed. I’d been building up confidence to really ride it, this rare and beauteous first-hand gift, and now wouldn’t even get that chance.

When school was back in session, my schoolmate told me who’d stolen my skateboard. Continue reading “a skateboard into the past”

where i’m from

My friend Ra posted a poem yesterday,
and with it she posted its template.

Years removed from
having written much any poetry,
I decided to fill in
these blanks.

Ra, me, and my husband, last June & an eternity ago

— where i’m from —

I am from sticky notes;
from black licorice & bare feet.
I am from melancholy & hope.

I am from Oregon dirt; I eschewed schews.
I favored grit between my toes.

I am from solid people of strange faith,
potluck casserole & enchilada pie.
I am from always waiting for
the man who’d never
seldom show.

I’m from steadfast,
and staying (when it’s right)
even when it’s scary.

Even alone,
I am from connections so deep
I’m never alone;
from the Oregon dirt–
me, but more: us.

Balm for my heart

This morning, I chatted with a friend on the phone for fifteen minutes. I had to fumble for the right words after many days largely homebound, but just hearing her voice was balm for my heart.

After I got off the phone, I realized I wanted needed more real voice-to-voice connection with people I love. I tried video-calling my sister Rache, but couldn’t reach her.

My family and I scrunched into frame to wish one family friend a belated happy birthday. She was out looking at adopting a puppy, so our call was short, but the loving connection very real. Continue reading “Balm for my heart”