deeply human

Last night, I realized I’d made a morning commitment I couldn’t keep.

While a small commitment, fulfilling it was important to me. Thus, realizing my mistake, I immediately turned that molehill into a mountain with only one possible “solution”: ghosting. That’d solve everything!

Upon awakening, I chuckled at last night’s idea of a “solution.” Instead of ghosting, I decided I’d connect with a friend at 6 a.m. about ways to see the commitment fulfilled.

And, wouldn’t you know it? That was far the sager solution.

Together, that friend and I found a solution (thanks to another friend) within–no exaggeration–90 seconds. At 6 a.m.!

And I’d considered ghosting, which approach would have left me feeling further disconnected
instead of simply, blessedly,
delighted to be so
deeply human in such
deeply human, deeply loving

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