every. single. day.

I grew up very, very poor. There were times I ate from food boxes,
times I ate from other people’s trash, and
times I simply didn’t eat at all.

The last couple years, my husband and I got our finances mostly squared away. We worked diligently to get our debt down to only my (granted, significant) law school student loan debt.

One of my sisters and I have talked about the money-related trauma left us by our childhood. That trauma lingers, though most my debt does not;

discussions about what to have for lunch can turn into situations where I barely refrain from hiding under the table in fear.

And yet: I don’t want to always make choices defined by fear based on what was.

I also want to make them based on hope for what could be.

A paycheck error the last couple paychecks (since I am, for now, lucky to have such a thing), resulted in a larger than usual paycheck for my husband and me. We talked about donating at least half of the difference, and about where—to whom—we’d donate.

Today, we made our donations. They were to the below organizations and people, whose work sustains—will sustain—many;

sources of information and/or hope, not just for us,

but for many.

Today, we donated to:

There were so many more people and organizations to whom we wanted to donate (see, for example, Rashida Tlaib and Ilhan Omar). We’ll donate to them, should circumstances in a month or two permit it.

Today, though, we are glad to not only be able to feed ourselves, but to help feed others—others not remotely less deserving than us—and to also feed our reasonable hope that others we all might someday

step out of a murderous system designed so that some succeed while others starve,

and into a system where donations aren’t required to ensure that

only a fraction of the population has a chance

to have all the meals it needs,

on its tables,




One thought on “every. single. day.

  1. Very cool that you made those donations. Yes, seeing a world more fair that works for everyone and donations are no longer needed is a great dream. I’m not going to hold my breath waiting, but hopefully I will see at least part of it some day,and the sooner the better.

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