freshly remembered

Talking with a friend this morning, I mentioned “musical breadcrumbs,”
a post I’d once written on my phone while pacing up and down
a tree-lined street on a work break.

I wrote about this post here, two months ago;
it was one of five posts on my old blog
featured by WordPress.

It didn’t feel right linking the posts then,
so I didn’t.

But this morning, I went to find the post
to share with my friend …
and couldn’t, at least not

When I did find it, I thought,
“I’d better actually link this post somewhere,
so I know exactly where to find it next time!”

So that’s what I’m doing:
Sharing a link to archives of that post,
and two others of my five WordPress-featured posts.

One, “Reading While Walking,” is not
quickly accessible via this archival copy;

the other, as I mentioned in March, is
not worth the effort of finding.

Here are the three worth finding
(and linking!) today:

What Report Cards Can’t Report
(December 18, 2013)

In which I describe
my earliest concerns
that report cards capture
those metrics least worth
being captured

Dear Mom
(October 30, 2014)

In which, on our shared birthday,
I remembered my mom with great love
despite–no, including–all the
things she did not-quite-right
(there was, after all,
one thing
she always
did right:
love unabashedly)

musical breadcrumbs
(March 22, 2016)

In which I remember
how my mom used to
listen to music, and how
music could bring me back to her;
but how my sons (then) had
virtually no such crumbs
to someday lead them
back to me

2 thoughts on “freshly remembered

  1. Regardless of what I just said above, I searched & found a copy of one of the two posts not linked above. Strangely, “Reading While Walking” (my first FP, from early 2011), was not the one I found! I found the second 2011 one on titling posts:

    “A title to end all titles. Like, obliterate them.”
    (September 15, 2011)


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