In about an hour, my kids will wrap up their second week of school-at-home. Their teachers are providing virtual instruction and managing schoolwork, so it’s not really homeschool. It’s just regular(ish) school, from a distance.

The first couple of days last week were challenging for one reason. While my littler one already knew exactly what to do and got to work doing it, my older one had heaps of work to navigate based only on an email or two. Fortunately, he’d found his footing by the end of the week.

My littler one, on the other hand, grew more listless as the week passed. It was clear he missed playing with his classmates. I attempted to fill some of that gap a couple of times, playing out various talking truck scenarios, but it clearly didn’t hit quite the spot for him.

Luckily, he ended the week in a virtual meeting with his classmates, which lifted his spirits and mine.

This week, both kids seemed pretty well adjusted to their new school situation. Hurrah!

Alas, we had another “new normal” situation in the mix: I began a new job, which I’ll work remotely during the current COVID-19 outbreak.

I’ve worked remotely since I began my first IT contracts job began in 2006. I’m no stranger to working remote. I am, however, a stranger to working remote while at home all day with two also-working kids and my kid-wrangling husband.

The doors can be closed between us, but the kids know I’m there, and they each have so very much to share with me. Even when they’re not sharing with me, they’re loud enough at each other that they might as well be hollering in my direct vicinity.

There is simply too. much. stimulus.

(Checking local COVID-19 news several times daily might also be a factor. I’m in the California city with the most infections, so understanding this also feels vitally important. I’ll find the right news-check cadence, but I haven’t yet!)

I love my new job so far, and I’m so glad to have found one that’s a good mutual fit. And yet. I am also extremely, overwhelmingly glad it’s Friday afternoon, so that I am this close to turning off my work laptop and turning on Scrubs, my all-time favorite TV show.

I’m glad my family is healthy today. I know that there are much greater stressors and griefs out there, including and apart from COVID-19. Even so, these are the ones I must learn to navigate, and this learning is challenging me. I won’t change that by pretending otherwise to myself, so I won’t pretend.

I’m glad to have had this week, and I’m also glad that this week is winding down.

I don’t know what next week will bring, but I know that tonight,

there will be Scrubs and snuggles. For now,

that’s plenty.

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