Resting & reading

Neither my husband nor I are feeling well. This means we’re prioritizing rest and, as much as possible, relaxation, even more emphatically than we would in less tumultuous times.

Our kids are thrilled. With both parents down, their screen time goes up!

(It’s not unlimited. They’re currently playing Star Wars together. Play and movement are also essential to health!)

For me, downtime means one thing: reading!

Unfortunately, with too many excellent books on hand, I’m not sure where to really dig in. Contenders are:

  • Elisabeth Rosenthal’s An American Sickness: How Healthcare Became Big Business & How You Can Take It Back – I bought this in September 2018, but was so frustrated by the picture it painted that I set it down. It’s profoundly relevant today, and I wish I’d kept reading in 2018.
  • Nathan J. Robinson’s Why You Should Be A Socialist – Having subscribed to Robinson’s magazine a few years back, I was curious about this when I saw it at the bookstore a couple weeks ago. (Aaaah, my beloved physical bookstore!)
  • Daniel Denvir’s All-American Nativism – I’d listened to Denvir’s podcast a few years ago, before eventually trading in my commute podcast time for Spanish lesson time. When someone proposed a virtual reading group for this book, about which I’d not heard until a couple days ago, I was in.
  • Ryan Grim’s We’ve Got People – Upon hearing Grim on Denvir’s show, I checked out this ebook from the library. I’m only a few pages in, but it’s written so engagingly this may well be my best bet for a down day.
  • Tim Wu’s The Curse of Bigness – I placed this on hold a few days ago, checking it out this morning. Wu’s Attention Merchants was a compelling read, but this might be too heady for me right now.

Up until now today, I’ve jumped between books, reading 9-10 pages of any book at a time. If I keep this up, it will be next year before I finish any one book. In any case, I’m glad to have these choices while resting.

With any luck, the question of which book to read will remain my most pressing in the days ahead. I’ll certainly be hoping for this as I read, whichever book(s) I end up reading.

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